Babysitter Precautions

When you need to engage the services of a babysitter, or childcare provider, there are some security and personal safety issues that you should consider:

Babysitter Tips

  • Only use a babysitter for whom you have solid and confirmed references. Never use a babysitter that you know nothing about.
  • Make sure that the babysitter knows all of the rules of your house. As an example:

    • If so, how many friends are allowed and how long may they stay, etc.?
    • May the babysitter have friends visit at your house?
    • May the babysitter take the child out of your house – example: go to the park, or go to a place to eat?
    • What time is the child put to bed?
  • It would be helpful if the rules of your household were written down and posted.
  • The babysitter needs to know how to use the alarm system and all the procedures regarding the alarm system - like the I.D. or abort code, all pertinent phone numbers, etc.
  • If it will be the babysitter’s responsibility to feed the child, be sure that you tell the babysitter what is to be served, where the prepared food can be found and if there are any special dietary considerations, etc.
  • Always leave a list of emergency phone numbers by the phone – example: fire department, police department, hospital, doctors, poison control center, Central Station, relatives or friends to contact with questions, or in the event of problems, etc.
  • Leave the phone number(s) of where you can be reached, or leave your cell phone number(s).