Home Security is proud to announce that we have recently partnered with SecureNet Technologies, a leader in software development in the alarm transport marketplace. We are now one of only 11 central stations nationally, that has fully integrated with SecureNet Technologies service solution.  SecureNet has developed a flexible, fully customizable on-line software platform for alarm dealers and their customers. It allows for Interactive Security, Home Automation (using Z-Wave) and live streaming video that is fully integrated with the Resolution Product platform.

Uniquely developed to leverage multiple communication paths (GSM, CDMA and IP) SecureNet control software routes all communications directly to Home Security’s central station from the customer site, without the use of a Network Operations Center (NOC).  By eliminating a NOC, HSMC has reduced our response time to critical alarms without degrading the security or integrity of the signal between the customer’s site and the central station.  This allows SecureNet to keep their costs down and in turn, price their services well below the competition. 

SecureNet’s approach to manage variable cell transport costs has revolutionized the alarm industry by offering the first, fixed price cell service without limitation, signal quantity caps or communication service reduction to or from the customer’s site.  Dealers will no long need to worry about variable cell costs cutting into their bottom line  Home Security will extend the following SecureNet services at no extra charge with any new customer subscription:         

Panel Offline Supervision

System Sabotage Protection

Account Activation

Mobile Apps and

Web Portals Home Energy Management 

January of 2015 SecureNet Technologies and Resolution Products Helix alarm panel, was selected by the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) to receive the Mark of Excellence Award for the Residential Security Product of the Year.

Award winning Resolution Products can offer fully interactive services for your customers on their existing equipment or the new, truly wireless, Helix Automation Platform.  

Currently, Resolution Products and SecureNet have integrated the follow makes and models of control devices.

Caddx NX-4, NX-6, NX-8

DSC PowerSeries










Honeywell Vista 15p, 20p, versions 3.0 & later   

Ness Mezz       

Resolution Helix 

Simon XT, Simon XTi 

UTC Concord 4

More manufactures and models are expected shortly!


Imagine having a common communication tool you can use to program a variety of dissimilar alarm panels over the internet using SecureNet’s virtual keypad.  It’s here now. 

Your customers can take advantage of Resolution Products’ High Resolution cameras offer along with over 4.9 GB of storage available in SecureNet’s Video Basic plan and can be extended up to 9.7 GB of storage in an optional Video Plus upgrade.


Need More Information?


Please call Home Security for all pricing options on SecureNet’s services at 800-933-4762

Also, feel free to contact SecureNet Technology at 407-965-1655 or visit their website.

Product questions?  Call Resolution Products at 877-260-5578 or visit their website.


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