Home Security is proud to announce we have recently enhanced our partnership with AES Corporation, a leader in long-range wireless mesh radio network, with the installation of their Network Management System (NMS).

"NMS provides a real-time visual presentation of the operation and function of an AES-IntelliNet mesh radio alarm network. The NMS platform can also drive down overall network management costs while supporting efficient and profitable network growth as additional AES-IntelliNet subscribers are deployed. NMS monitors all network subsystems which includes AES-MultiNet receivers, IP Links, Burglary and Fire Subscribers and delivers real-time notifications of system events."

We are also taking this opportunity to extend the all the features and functionality of the NMS to all dealers that use AES' IP Link Remote Receivers FREE of charge.

AES has an in depth description of all new features on their website (Click here) regarding this state of the art technology, some of which are listed below.


  • Provides real-time view of an AES-IntelliNet network through Intelligent Dashboard
  • Immediate access to vital network performance data
  • Interactive Visualization of the network using Google Earth™ 
  • User configurable Notification alerts 24/7 via SMS and email to key personnel of network events
  • Self-learning, easy to use, intuitive user interface


  • Powerful tool enabling efficient and profitable AES-IntelliNet network expansion. 
  • Assures lowest cost to maintain the highest quality network. 
  • Delivers the fastest and most reliable communication of signals 
  • Allows for demonstration showing competitive advantages of AES-IntelliNet over cellular communication technologies.