Our mission is to provide safety to our customers!

HSMC is a technology-driven security monitoring company with highly-trained security specialists. We use advanced digital technology to respond to emergencies within seventeen seconds.

Our decades of experience allow us to provide the security equilibrium your company requires - with the technology and the expertise to do the job right and an overall commitment to excellence.

Your emergency signals will be received - twenty-four hours a day

Seven days a week - three hundred and sixty-five days a year.

Whether you are at your premises or not. The security dispatchers are always there - ready to respond to your potential crisis and to offer protection for your family, your premises, your business and your posessions

Our decades of experience

Allow us to provide the security equilibrium your company requires -

With the technology and the expertise to do the job right and an overall commitment to excellence.

The ability to take advantage of new technology

Is paramount to success within the Alarm Industry. It ultimately equates to improved performance and ever-increasing security for our customers

Internet Monitoring is just such an advancement, which will enable us to achieve these goals.

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News + Updates

AES Network Management System (NMS)



Home Security is proud to announce we have recently enhanced our partnership with AES Corporation, a leader in long-range wireless mesh radio network, with the installation of their Network Management System (NMS).

"NMS provides a real-time visual presentation of the operation and function of an AES-IntelliNet mesh radio alarm network. The NMS platform can also drive down overall network management costs while supporting efficient and profitable network growth as additional AES-IntelliNet subscribers are deployed. NMS monitors all network subsystems which includes AES-MultiNet receivers, IP Links, Burglary and Fire Subscribers and delivers real-time notifications of system events."

We are also taking this opportunity to extend the all the features and functionality of the NMS to all dealers that use AES' IP Link Remote Receivers FREE of charge.

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HSMC'S Partnership with SecureNet Technologies



Home Security is proud to announce that we have recently partnered with SecureNet Technologies, a leader in software development in the alarm transport marketplace. We are now one of only 11 central stations nationally, that has fully integrated with SecureNet Technologies service solution.  SecureNet has developed a flexible, fully customizable on-line software platform for alarm dealers and their customers. It allows for Interactive Security, Home Automation (using Z-Wave) and live streaming video that is fully integrated with the Resolution Product platform.

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UL Listed Fire Alarm Communicators


HSMC adds more UL Listed Sole Path Fire Alarm Communications 

AlarmNet has just introduced the IGSMCFP4G fire alarm communicator.

This unit works over both an internet or cellular path.   Either route can be supervised hourly which meets the requirements for NFPA72 2013 Edition.  If the customer has both cellular and internet available, AlarmNet offers six hour supervision which lowers the monthly cost for everyone.  

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