Home Security is a forward-thinking, alarm monitoring facility utilizing the latest technology and advanced-design equipment for monitoring purposes. We have purchased fully fault-tolerant, hot redundant SCO UNIX computer systems, which are mirrored over an Ethernet network. These systems provide constant and immediate access to all vital data with instant fallback capabilities in emergency situations. Advanced technology equals advanced security!

We understand that among other things, a security breach can be caused by equipment failure. If a failover should occur on the primary system, the configuration goes into "fall back" mode. The system automatically switches over printers, terminals and receivers. The "down" system can be disconnected from the network without interrupting work on the remaining standby systems, and diagnostics can take place while the Central Station continues to operate normally. The system automatically regenerates any corrupted mirrors. Since it constantly mirrors all existing data, this can be done without modifying or rebuilding the entire file system. In a high security atmosphere where every second counts, the speed of these advanced technological features assure consistency of service even under adverse conditions.

As a further measure of operational continuity assurance, we have purchased a (24) twenty-four hour on-site service package, which will guarantee that any failed equipment will be swapped out and replaced on the day the problem arises.

HSMC demonstrates its commitment to your security by insuring that all of its monitoring equipment is dedicated, integrated and continuously updated as technology changes. To assure that your customer's security and well-being are never compromised, our Central Monitoring Station has made the following provisions:

Technology Features

  • Duplicate receiving equipment - the finest and latest generation available today - capable of accepting over eighty-five formats with high speed reporting.
  • Removable media for storage and archival back-up of all vital data - updated periodically during each day and stored in a secure, off-site facility.

    State of the art software must enable a Monitoring Central Station to gather, organize and process a vast array of information instantly. HSMC's natural evolution required us to upgrade our software to a product that offered superior features, a high level of implementation services and seamless processing.
  • Uninterrupted monitoring coverage when phone lines fail – using the wireless digital technology of cellular back-up services, such as AlarmNet and Uplink.
  • Dedicated T1.5 PRI fiber-optic communication network and underground conduit, which houses all telephone wires and critical cabling to ensure extra safety.

    Telecommunication is one of the vital links in the monitoring process. We did several studies to determine which telephone service offered the fastest, the most secure, the most failsafe telecommunication network, so that our Central Station could feel confident about its critical usage.

    Two back-up generators and un-interruptible power supply systems to sustain all functionality during power failures or brownouts - the generators are tested weekly to assure readiness and operability.

    A network of additional computer systems, which augments the handling of all Uploading and Downloading and non-critical applications.

    Our telecommunication systems use cutting-edge technology with automated dialing via computer-based Telephony. This eliminates potential errors and reduces the time spent during the dispatching process. On the average, calls are connected in one second … anywhere in the country.

Additional Information