What are the determining factors when trying to decide which Central Monitoring Station is right for you? Alarm dealers use HSMC to help protect their customers because we consistently exceed their expectations - while delivering dependable, efficient, quality alarm monitoring. Our decades of experience allow us to provide the security equilibrium your company requires - with the technology and the expertise to do the job right and an overall commitment to excellence.

Additional Information

So, when you decide to use HSMC, you will be assured that our long-term relationship will provide you with a feeling of trust and confidence that will last long after the initial decision is made to use our company. You will reap the benefits of having satisfied customers, as well as secure customers.

HSMC Provides

  • Proven customer confidence! Proven customer service! Proven customer satisfaction!
  • Experienced, proficient, courteous, and professional security dispatchers who are highly trained to respond to all emergencies and who are able to place the first call in response to alarms within seventeen seconds!
  • Constant, careful refinement and implementation of all procedures and policies – reflecting real needs - for real people - in the real world.
  • A quality company that’s easy to work with - one that’s committed to excellence – one that will provide a caliber of professional service clearly a cut above the rest.
  • Well documented response to all alarm signals.
  • Accurate, dependable, and time-sensitive performance - resulting in higher security for your customers.
  • Continuous evaluation and adaptation of the advancements within the monitoring industry - assuring a progressive company agenda.
  • Technical excellence with effective false alarm prevention procedures and alarm verification policies.