All Central Monitoring Stations that accept digital transmissions are passive - they can only respond to signals that are received. Therefore, there is no way for the Central Monitoring Station to know, if the alarm system and the telephone lines at the premises are operational - unless that alarm system transmits test codes to the Central Station on a scheduled basis.

HSMC is equipped to handle automatic panel tests, which you can program to report to our Central Monitoring Station either daily, weekly or monthly. The alarm system at the premises automatically communicates a pre-defined test signal to Home Security’s receiving equipment on the scheduled basis of your customer’s choosing.

This programmed functionality insures that the alarm control panel at the customer’s premises is communicating with our Central Station within that regular timeframe and/or that the telephone line, over which the alarm system signal normally transmits, is still working properly. Home Security’s computer keeps track of each customer’s anticipated test schedule and alerts a security dispatcher, if any test code is not received. When this occurs, our Central Monitoring Station’s automated alarm program generates a specially encoded alarm signal. HSMC’s security dispatcher will then react in accordance to the pre-determined, specific instructions that you, or your customer, have established with HSMC.

Example of action taken:

Home Security would call the customer and try to determine why the test signal was not received. If there is no answer, Home Security would contact the designated key holder, so that the problem can be investigated and rectified. Additionally, if any system fails to send a proper daily test code, this would be noted in the AM Notify Report, which is sent to the alarm installer.