Thomas and Carole Trowbridge founded HSMC of Stowe, Vermont in 1975.  Before that time, Tom had a career in Law Enforcement in Ohio, which was later continued in Vermont.   Subsequently, they both spent several years developing and running a small Alarm Monitoring and Property Management business for a local Real Estate Developer.  Eventually, they decided to create a similar enterprise and formed their own company.  They divested themselves of ancillary businesses, so that full attention could be devoted  solely  to  alarm  monitoring.    HSMC  is  not  an  answering  service,  an  installation Company, or an equipment distributor. We focus 100% of our attention to quality monitoring.

In subsequent years, Scott and Todd Trowbridge joined HSMC. With their collaborative efforts and expertise, the Company grew significantly.   One of their goals was to obtain a UL rating, which was accomplished in 1991. HSMC subsequently upgraded its rating to UL Fire.  HSMC was now in a position to offer a higher level of security and to take advantage of all the digital innovations the Security Industry had to offer.

As we contemplated the future, we understood that as our business grew, our physical plant would have to be upgraded.   With this in mind, we planned a newer, larger, and more technologically sophisticated facility, which we moved into in the autumn of 2003.  The office advanced with technologically exceptional Receiving Equipment and with robust computer programs, whose functionality provided scalability and growth.   We can offer cutting edge security solutions to our Customers and Alarm Installers alike.

HSMC is now one of New England’s oldest and largest Central Monitoring Stations, with a broad-based regional clientele and a presence throughout the United States.  We have been fortunate enough to assemble a knowledgeable staff of competent and dedicated personnel, through  whose  efforts  HSMC  has  been  able  to  provide  superior  monitoring  to  all  of  its Customers across the country.

Scott and Todd Trowbridge took over the leadership roles within the company in 2011.  They will continue the company’s agenda of honesty, integrity, Customer satisfaction, and exemplary Customer Service … these being among HSMC’s proudest and most important traditions.  These traditions have developed through the efforts of all HSMC Employees, in concert with Management, and reflect our continuing commitment to excellence.  This mutual endeavor will enable us all to enjoy ongoing success within the security market today and for many years to come.