Problems for alarm dealers are irritating, as well as costly. In some cases, they can be serious and potentially damaging. We want to help you build on your successes by minimizing your wasted time and effort.

We try to integrate solutions into our service …making the collaborative effort with our alarm dealers just another fundamental reason for selecting HSMC for your monitoring needs.

HSMC has come up with a few tips that may be helpful … since avoiding problems and cost savings are in everybody’s best interest.

Additional Information

  • Test all alarm codes, key pad functions and restoral codes when setting-up a new account with the Central Monitoring Station.
  • Be sure that all paperwork is checked thoroughly before submitting it to the Central Monitoring Station and before you activate any account!

    Please check for:
    • Legibility
    • Correct addresses & phone number(s)
    • Correct spelling
    • Proper responding authorities & their telephone number(s)
    • Data completeness: All key holder information, correct area codes, dialing prefixes, etc.
  • Make sure that you update the Central Monitoring Station immediately with any changed customer data.
  • Voice mail, call waiting and call forwarding can cause delays and/or errors in dispatching for Central Monitoring Stations. The solution is to program the panel to "disable call waiting” before dialing the Central Monitoring Station receiver number or to have a second phone line installed for the security system.
  • Carefully instruct all users in the proper use of the alarm system. Within the business environment, make sure that a telephone is accessible and within hearing distance to employees who will “arm” and “disarm” the alarm system. This way, they can answer the telephone in the event the Central Monitoring Station calls the premises at the time of alarm activation.
  • Call the Central Monitoring Station before and after testing … or before and after working on … any monitored alarm system.
  • It is always a good idea to set up each new account with "remote panel access," so that the Central Monitoring Station can save you travel time and money with remote interactive programming assistance.
  • Be sure that all required permits and/or licenses, forms, and other paperwork are filed with the emergency responding authorities before you place a monitored account on-line.
  • Within the business environment, make sure that the Central Monitoring Station is given a premises telephone number to call, which is a direct line that does not forward to an answering service or answering machine during non-business hours. When handling an emergency condition, valuable time cannot afford to be wasted!