Uplink and AlarmNet are two companies that provide cellular back-up services for your customers’ alarm systems. These companies supply fully encrypted, supervised radio communications that we use as an adjunct security service. They have networks of linked radio towers that contain high-tech routers to transport alarm signals in the event the customer’s telephone lines have been cut.

The networks are based upon a hierarchical architecture comprised of intelligent towers and switches. This distributed intelligence enables the networks to route messages through the shortest path for increased speed and reliability. The broadcast areas for most of these network towers overlap, so that there aren’t any gaps in coverage throughout the United States, and they operate on their own exclusive and secure frequencies.

Each network signal is polled automatically and repeatedly throughout each and every hour – and is remotely monitored twenty-four hours a day. This polling recognizes, identifies and verifies our Central Station’s receivers and the customer’s radio signals to ensure that all communications are successfully delivered. If there is a loss of communication from the customer’s site within the network, the Central Station is immediately and directly alerted - this entire process only takes a few seconds and affords each customer the most optimum and most secure alarm coverage possible.