The mission of HSMC is simple: to provide safety for you, our Customer, through advanced, digital, technology-driven monitoring accompanied with the experience of our highly dedicated security specialists; to be prepared for any urgent requirements and to provide these services during emergency situations … whether caused by fire, intrusions, environmental problems, natural disasters, or other such occurrences; to balance our continued commitment to your welfare along with maintaining our forward-thinking, emergency protocols.

Preparedness, preventative measures, and efficient service go hand-in-hand.   All levels of Management, as well as our employees, have a responsibility for the safety, health, and well- being of our Customers and for our fellow staff members.  This responsibility can be met only by working together continuously to promote safe work practices, observing all rules and regulations, maintaining constant, careful refinement and implementation of all procedures, policies, and methods, and consistently maintaining property and equipment in a safe working environment.