HSMC is unlike other Central Stations - the prices we quote to you are the prices you get charged. Our stable, nationally competitive pricing - with volume discounting – affords you a sustainable monitoring advantage.

Additional Information

  • We do not charge fees for: registration, set-up, renewal, data changes, alarm dealer testing, customer testing, or other similar services. There are no hidden costs ... ever! We can make the difference for you between red ink and profitability.
  • We do not have customer account limits, or minimums. You can put on 1 account or 10,000 accounts!
  • We do not charge you for calls made to your customers, key holders, or technicians.
  • We do not have annual call limits on our nationwide toll-free lines for you or for your customers. All alarm codes, reset codes and trouble codes are monitored toll-free.
  • We do not have limits to the number of signals your residential customers can send on a monthly basis. Many other central stations say that their monthly rates are low, but then charge you for each additional signal that they receive above their pre-determined and pre-defined limit.
  • We do have volume discounts! The greater number of customers you have monitored at our central station, the less it costs you and the more money you save each and every month. The bottom line is that you can count on your own bottom line - understanding ahead of time what your fixed costs will be without any financial surprises.

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