Underwriters Laboratories, Incorporated is a company that was developed by the insurance industry to establish a national standard of excellence and certification for various products, equipment, and services – including Central Monitoring Stations.

UL’s Central Monitoring Station Certification program provides you, the consumer, with a convenient and reliable way to identify facilities that are currently tested and maintained to meet all, applicable, UL codes and standards.   Not all facilities meet these stringent requirements, but HSMC does!

Additional UL Information

  • Our UL rating enables us to provide certificated monitoring across the nation for banks and hospitals; federal, state, and municipal facilities; commercial and industrial properties; private residences, etc.
  • HSMC meets or exceeds the strictest national standards within the security industry for performance, redundancy of receiving equipment, building construction, computer systems, and power back-up provisions.
  • We annually pass all random, unannounced UL inspections and re-certifications to assure continued compliance with their strict criteria.
  • Insurance carriers throughout the United States recognize our UL rating, as evidence that we  have  attained  that  critical  standard  of  excellence  by  which  all  Central  Monitoring Stations are measured.
  • HSMC can provide Customers with a certificate verifying that they are being monitored by a UL approved Central Monitoring Station.  Often they will be eligible for reduced insurance premiums, which can frequently offset a portion of their monitoring costs.
  • UL requires comprehensive security measures for all approved monitoring facilities - with strictly  limited  access  to  the  Central  Monitoring  Station  and  special  burglary  alarm protection within the premises.
  • In  addition  to  the  burglary  alarm  protection  that  UL  requires  for  Central  Monitoring Stations, HSMC's own building has an alarm system that provides detection for fire, panic, medical alert, generator alert, and gas detection.  As an added safety measure, another UL Approved Central Monitoring Station monitors our facility!