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New! versions now available!

As of November 2017 updated software and documentation was added to both Matix Enterprise Data Entry and Matrix Mobil Vivid application for installers.

Matrix it is a software platform that offers authorized alarm installation technicians a wide array of tools to review and edit information for any subscriber.

Feel free to provide the following Adobe™ .PDF document to your customers as both sales literature and as a simplified guide to using the eLink system for their own account.

To fully utilize Home Security & Management Company's Dealer Access features you will need to download and review the Dealer Access Guide.

Are you an alarm installer interested in using our monitoring services? Please fill-out a combined Dealer and Credit application form and fax it to us at (800) 837-3653.

Customer Data Form (Includes: Customer Data, Scope of Protection, and Open/Close Schedule) , Change of Dealer Form, and Customer Deletion Forms.

T-Link line card console software and installation/programming guides.

The T-Link TCP/IP transmitter is compatible with the Power864 and MAXSYS control panels. It works within a proprietary LAN/WAN (intranet) to communicate alarm signals efficiently and economically to a SG-DRL-IP central station receiver line card. The T-Link connection is fully supervised when used in conjunction with the SG-DRL-IP receiver line card. Any tampering or network trouble will be detected. This allows the administrator to respond to the situation instantly. With the use of DSC’s DLS™-3SA downloading software, site administrators can request information from the panel, change user information, generate status reports and gather daily maintenance details (schedules, arm/disarm information) from a PC via the TCP/IP network. (

HSMC's archive of UL (Underwriters Laboratories, Inc.) Certifications.

Note: UL has developed more than 1000 Standards for Safety. Their Standards for Safety are essential to helping ensure public safety and confidence, reduce costs, and improve quality. Read more about Underwriters Laboratories Alarm System Certificate Services at their official website.