All of your specific dealer procedures can be pre-programmed into our computer database. They will be displayed automatically to our security dispatchers, when your customer has an alarm. This enables us to provide specific, rapid, and accurate responses at the time of each alarm.

Specific Procedures can be Indexed to:

  • Individual alarm codes and/or alarm zones
  • Specific alarm conditions
  • Specific key holder lists
  • Dates and/or times, etc.

This formatting becomes part of the customer’s on-line record and can tell our security dispatchers exactly how you want each account handled under all circumstances. As an example: “Do not call premises at time of alarm.” Or, “Call key holder before calling police.”

HSMC maintains distinct listings of key holders to call at the time of an alarm – in order of priority. The customer designates this call order and we can then contact the key holder to respond with the authorities for each specific alarm condition. As an example: “Call the first key holder for fire codes only!” Or, “Call key holders 3, 4 & 5 for power failures only!”

Additionally, all of our security dispatchers have instant access to computerized “Alarm system help and usage guides” for all the major panel manufacturers. This information allows us to offer equipment-specific assistance for your customers, such as: how to arm/disarm their system, how to silence their system, how to by-pass a zone, etc.

By tailoring procedures to your specifications and offering an advanced level of assistance, every one of your customers is being given the best service possible - making HSMC’s Customized Approach the perfect extension to your business.