The panel at the premises can be programmed to transmit distinctive codes every time the alarm system is armed or disarmed. The system also can be programmed to generate specific codes for each person that uses the alarm system, thus keeping a record of all Opening/Closing activities by user. The Opening/Closing codes are in addition to, and different from, the normal burglary signals received.

Supervised Openings/Closings

The customer establishes Opening/Closing time frames and specific schedules with HSMC, during which their employees, or other authorized users, are permitted to enter or exit the premises and to arm or disarm the alarm system.

Additionally, the customer establishes a set of procedures for our Central Station to follow when any codes are received outside of the proscribed time frames.

Example of actions taken:

If the alarm system at the premises was disarmed or "Opened" an hour earlier than scheduled, we might be instructed to apprise a key holder or call the premises and ask for a pre-defined identification code. Or, perhaps, we might be instructed only to notify the police department. Our security dispatchers would implement the course of action indicated in the procedures specifically designed by you or your customer. Failure to arm or disarm the system by the pre-determined time of day would be handled in a similar manner.

In addition to all other actions taken by HSMC to handle these codes, we also can fax or e-mail all Opening/Closing information to the customer daily, weekly, or monthly.

If the names of specific alarm users are programmed into the security panel, the report will include the identity of the person who entered or left the building last, along with the date and time this occurs.

Unsupervised Openings/Closings

When this functionality is programmed into the customer’s alarm panel, each Opening/Closing signal that HSMC receives from the premises is recorded only - no pre-determined schedules are necessary and no other action is taken.

The recorded Opening/Closing information can be faxed or e-mailed to the customer daily, weekly, or monthly. This will enable the customer to keep track of all arming/disarming activity by the employees.