Dealer Access is a secure computer and software process by which you can remotely access, manipulate, inspect and oversee all of your customer data at our Central Station.

This service is provided through a software package, called "eLink," which is the ultimate in connectivity and productivity. It affords uniformity in the handling and processing all of your data (alarm reports, accounting reports, etc.) and creates an environment, which only requires one software package – further simplifying your employee training.

Additional Information:

Real-Time Environment

Most other databases only allow you to see 'copies' of alarm activity, which can be as old as your last download. A 'Real-Time Environment,' on the other hand, enables you to see alarm activity as it happens! As an example, if you wish to place one of your accounts on 'Test/Disable,' you can then see all alarm activity: signals received, time received, user codes, etc. - as it is happening through the Central Station's Receiving equipment.

To create this Real-Time Environment the 'eLink' software employs 'Caching Technology' to create a faster environment for all operations. The browser environment caches the files from each Web page. If the contents of a page have not changed since previous visits, the information is pulled from the files saved in the users' Web browser cache, rather than downloaded from the Internet or the company Intranet. Only the data that populates the fields or that has changed is downloaded. Download times are greatly reduced since only small amounts of data need to be downloaded on a regular basis.


'eLink' provides a secure and encrypted connection to the Internet. The package also supports secure, encrypted HTTP and any security protocols the Web Server can support, including Secure Socket Layer (SSL).

With SSL, no third party can intercept data traveling back and forth. Most e-commerce transactions like banking, plane reservations, shopping, etc. are done on the Internet in a secured format similar to 'eLink'.

The 'eLink' server knows whom it is talking to and provides a key for encryption that is unreadable to anyone who may be watching or 'sniffing the socket.' 'eLink' was built with security in mind. Any attempts to break into the system are trapped, tracked and logged. Connections are tracked by IP address and cookies are used to identify sessions.

The system has a high level of security for both users and the Central Station. The security meets the requirements set forth in the 'C2 Class of Trust' as defined by the Department of Defense's Trusted Computer System Evaluation Criteria (known as the TCSEC or the Orange Book).

Dealer Access has automatically changing passwords, as well as double login and password verification. It is unmatched in protecting system and Dealer information.

Data Entry

User-friendly screens allow your authorized personnel with data entry access to enter new accounts, change subscriber information, print reports and access other additional features. The system can be customized to meet your needs without limiting the Central Station or requiring programming changes.

Remote users can submit data change requests to the Central Station or they themselves can be allowed to update main data, contacts, zones, schedules, holidays and notes. It can be set up to allow your Office access or to restrict access to only those you want to see and/or manipulate the data.

The feature, called 'e-commerce verification,' allows changes done over the Internet to be verified at the Central Station or at your Office. If the changes are accepted, the software informs the user that they were accepted. If the changes were not accepted, then the software informs the user that the changes were not accepted and tells them why. The user can then fix the data and re-submit the changes for approval.


There are a host of reports that are available through our software, which will help your personnel manage pertinent information. These reports can be printed to your browser window, to your local or network printer or saved to your hard disk. Then, they can be converted to your favorite database for easy maintenance. Another option is to import the information into a word processor or spreadsheet, or saved in a workspace area on a server that you can access later.


'eLink' also provides options for e-mailing reports and subscriber information. If alarm contact information needs to be changed, E-mail is generated to the office in question requesting updated information. The reply, with the updated information, is sent directly to the data entry staff so the change can be entered into the system. All of the changes are audited and recorded

Other Features

Dealer Access also gives you unprecedented access and control to other features and capabilities, all with just a Web browser and an Internet connection. The system eliminates the need for costly downloads of history data and allows you to disable and/or enable accounts and view history events through a Web browser. It also allows you to view real-time history queries via the Internet. The information can be viewed at any time while you are connected to the Internet or company Intranet. 'eLink' allows 24-hour access without the hassle of downloads or a multiplicity of software packages that need to be loaded onto your PC and used every time you wish to view information. You can allow qualified personnel to disable and enable accounts from the Web or you can control the function from your Offices. You can automate your service personnel activity with the power of the Web.