HSMC has e-mail capabilities, which are fully integrated with our DICE automated alarm system software.

This enables us to e-mail our alarm dealers with a variety of useful information - upon request. Such as:

  • Alarm History
  • Opening/Closing Statistics
  • Customer Data Sheets
  • Accounting Information
  • And, virtually any data that is in our computer database.

HSMC can also set up a dealer’s accounts to automatically email the following:

  • Opening/Closing statistics
  • Activity logs on alarm dispatches
  • AM notify reports
  • Instances when an operator logs an alarm for a specific account
  • A late to test condition: when no test signal is received from a dealer’s account
  • Circumstances when an alarm is logged with a wrong phone number
  • Any zone data changes, etc.

We can send e-mail messages to your pager, cell phone, PDA’s or other devices capable of receiving such transmissions.

Give us a call for more information about this useful e-mail tool. Remember, it pays to be well informed about all aspects of your customer’s safety.