We are pleased to announce a new, improved and more user friendly version of our website!

Our original website was developed and published back in late 2000 with general updates and changes along the way.  A lot has changed since then and during that time the web has been evolving at a rapid pace. Now we have terms such as responsive web design, which creates great front-end frameworks for building websites that can display information on any browser on any device.

Over the past few months we’ve been working hard to update our site content and feature set, offering an easier user interface for downloading documents, as well as ensuring that users can navigate between all the various areas easily and quickly. This new design coupled with Responsive Design Technology ensures that you have the same user experience on a simple desktop PC or any one of the many smart devices available. If you are using Internet Explorer, Chrome or FireFox; they should all work correctly!

We hope you enjoy the upgrades to our site and welcome your feedback.