The alarm system at the protected premises is directly connected to a monitoring facility, which registers all alarm conditions sent to it. After dispatching the authorities, the Central Monitoring Station contacts the key holder designated by the customer to respond to the premises.

One of the more important aspects of the alarm monitoring process is the timely access afforded to the emergency responding agencies by the key holder. Often this can contribute to the speedy resolution of the alarm condition and can potentially lessen damage.

It should be remembered that there is no personal risk or danger to the person assigned to this task, since the key holder is not responding instead of the authorities … but in conjunction with them! Please be advised that the key holder is not alone during this important operation. Our Central Monitoring Station is only a phone call away. We are always available to try to answer any questions and to provide all the ancillary support necessary for the key holder.

It is necessary to realize that any changes to the key holder list should be brought to the attention of the Central Monitoring Station at once.

Without the help, cooperation and assistance of the key holder, the essential service of alarm system monitoring would be incomplete. Considering the important service this person performs, we have listed some of the things that are expected of them.

Expectations for the Key Holder

  • To have keys to the property and/or to have access to the property through a Lock Box or other such device.
  • To understand that the Central Monitoring Station will be calling the key holder for response at the time of the alarm – day or night.
  • To follow instructions from the Central Monitoring Station and the responding authorities.
  • To understand how to operate the alarm system and be competent to run it.
  • To be the liaison for the owner, the responding authorities and the Monitoring Central Station.
  • To follow-up with any procedures agreed upon beforehand between them and the owner.