Be sure to teach your children how to reach the authorities by dialing “911.” Rehearse with them what to say and make sure they know their complete and proper address and telephone number.

Safety Tips

  • Always leave the phone numbers of where you, or other designated caregivers, can be reached with any responsible child that you leave home alone.
  • Instruct all children never to answer the door without the security door chain being in place.
  • Children should never allow strangers into the building without adult permission, or when an adult is not present.
  • When children are to be in the building alone, give them an appropriate response to use when answering the phone and a caller asks, “Are your parents home?”
  • Rehearse where to go within the building for maximum safety during a tornado or hurricane.
  • Make children aware of all appropriate escape routes and methods of exiting the premises during a fire or other similar emergency condition.
  • Advise children to leave the premises immediately, if there is a fire - or if they see smoke from any unknown source.
  • Advise children of the procedures to follow after the emergency is over, such as where to meet and re-group with their family members off-site.
  • Teach your children that they should never enter the car of a stranger or go with a stranger - even if that person says the children’s parents sent them.