You are in Business for Yourself, Not by Yourself!

Our Central Station is here solely to support you

We are not your competitor in the monitoring marketplace, but your silent security partner! We understand that the success of our dealers is the true measure of the quality of our service and that such long-term relationships lead to a lifetime of opportunities.

We make sure that you don’t lose your identity, when we interact with your customers. We will handle each of your accounts with the individual attention that they deserve. All incoming calls are answered with the greeting “Central Station." This “generic” greeting avoids any confusion to your customers. When dispatching your customers’ alarms, all calls are handled as though we were calling from your office - using your company name. Remember, better business practices mean better business results.

Additional Information

  • We do not install, service, distribute or manufacture alarm equipment.
  • We do not buy or sell accounts – nor do we have any affiliated company that does. Wholesale alarm dealer monitoring is our only business.
  • We do not use gimmicks or tricky inducements to get you to use our Central Monitoring Station. Our quality performance, longevity of service and consistently reasonable prices speaks for themselves.
  • We do not have self-imposed or arbitrary limitations to hold you back or to hinder your business from growth and profit. Result - outstanding long-term prospects for your company!