Experience allows our staff to provide critical services and assistance - more capably, more quickly and more effectively. Our dedicated, outstanding security dispatchers are up to any security challenge. They represent your company, and therefore the quality of their performance is essential to your satisfaction and growth.

At HSMC, we feel that personnel are the most valuable, most overlooked and most intangible assets in business. To afford your customers fast, responsive service and to represent your company professionally, we have invested our time, energies, training and resources to attain higher employee standards … resulting in quality personnel and quality service.

Our staff attempts to create an environment that assures efficient use of your valuable time, such as assisting you with Uploading & Downloading – because if we can save you time, we can save you money!

To insure that all of our objectives are met, we have an internal collaborative auditing program that constantly evaluates the adequacy and effectiveness of our policies, procedures and training practices.

We aspire to be the single, professional solution for your monitoring requirements and are relentlessly committed to the challenges of quality and innovation – today and into the future – enabling you to, not only survive in a competitive industry, but also to thrive in it.

Personnel Management

All applicants are thoroughly and carefully screened prior to employment. Only those who meet our strict standards are accepted and then:

  • Senior staff members carefully supervise all security dispatchers with the focus on such areas as quality assurance, attention to detail, effective follow-through, trouble shooting, false alarm prevention techniques, personal improvement and motivation.
  • All personnel are evaluated for the quality of their job performance daily and are given structured performance appraisals every three months.
  • Our “Employee Incentive Program” continually rewards exceptional employees with performance-based compensation - directly tied to alarm dealer and customer satisfaction.

Personnel Education

We dedicate our precision-oriented educational system to excellence, which means that we give all of our security dispatchers:

  • An extensive, in-depth and specialized educational program upon being hired. This enables them to develop the necessary skills to become proficient security dispatchers.
  • On-going training in signal handling, customer service, alarm procedures, format and panel recognition, computer program updates, account assignment techniques, data processing, alarm dealer support services, etc.
  • Instructions to “personalize” an otherwise high-tech business by treating your customers like people - not just numbers! We understand that customer safety and customer satisfaction go hand-in-hand.
  • Directives to try every means possible, when applicable, to verify codes in an effort to lessen False Alarms.
  • Career development through on-going training, managed advancement, personal recognition and monetary compensation for exemplary performance.

Additional Information

All of our Security Dispatchers can:

  • Review account and alarm history with you and your customers. This can minimize false alarms by noticing disturbing trends or potential problems.
  • Instantly assign new account numbers and activate new accounts.
  • Accept and update all subscriber information over the phone - twenty-four / seven. This data is entered into our computer system; printed out daily and then double-checked for errors and accuracy.
  • Place accounts on “by-pass” so that you, your technicians or your customers can test the alarm system locally anytime … Just call HSMC … Test the system … Get instant test results ... All hassle-free!
  • FAX or E-mail a wide variety of reports to you as directed.
  • And much, much more!