When potentially life-threatening issues are at stake … every signal, every second, and every customer counts!

That’s why you need to use a time-proven company you can trust - a company like HSMC – a company with thirty years in the emergency services industry!

HSMC has successfully linked advanced technologies with a continuous dedication to your satisfaction in an effort to become a company you can rely on to handle all of your monitoring needs.

Additional Information

HSMC is proud of the trust that security specialists have placed in us. We are equally proud of the long-term relationships that we have established with them over the past years.

Relationships such as these are only possible when a Central Monitoring Station has proven its performance and demonstrated its capabilities and accountability - day in and day out - year after year.

  • We are an independently owned and operated Central Monitoring Station with hands-on involvement by the principals on a day-to-day basis.
  • HSMC is more than a competent vendor of Central Station services – we are a provider of solutions for your monitoring needs.
  • Longevity, experience, stability and a forward-thinking operating philosophy give HSMC a unique perspective and a decided edge when representing your company.