Expertise, technology, and staff - all make a difference in the caliber of service you and your customers receive. At HSMC, exceptional service has always been the centerpiece of our company’s philosophy! Our alarm dealers know that HSMC backs-up its statements with the highest level of implementation and support available.

We understand that exceptional service requires the careful nurturing of customer relationships, flawless execution of policies, mutual understanding and building a feeling of trust that lasts long after the initial sale is completed.

Additional Information

  • We maintain our level of excellence through frequent managerial meetings, during which we review policies and procedures - upgrading them as necessary.
  • Extensive support services for you and for your technicians.
  • All updated customer information is inputted into our computer systems and committed daily to hard copy to achieve redundancy.
  • Efficient, caring and empathetic attention to your monitoring needs with concern for the safety of your customers.
  • All computer systems are backed-up periodically throughout the day to removable media for storage and archiving at an off-site, secure location.
  • Courteous, friendly, calm, re-assuring and professional dispatching - at all times!
  • HSMC trains all personnel to work diligently until each alarm condition is brought to a satisfactory conclusion - thus preserving the well being of the customer and the integrity of the property.
  • We can rapidly access a complete alarm history audit trail for all system signals, functions, dispatcher actions, system testing, etc. We keep a comprehensive and accurate alarm event history on-line for one year.
  • Dedication, credibility and commitment are our hallmark!